Registration Information

First Class Nannies and Helpers do not charge an enrolment fee to any families or nannies wishing to register with our agency. Families are only charged an agency fee should a suitable candidate be found who they wish to employ. If a nanny is employed on a permanent basis the ‘one off’ agency fee is not invoiced until the end of the nannies first working week providing that both the nanny and the family feel the post is going well. To the best of our knowledge we are the only nanny agency in Yorkshire and the North East that do not charge an immediate fee upon a permanent placement been offered and accepted. No matter how far in the future the start date of your position may be First Class Nannies and Helpers will not charge you an up-front fee.

Upon receiving your completed registration form we can immediately start looking for potential candidates who meet your specific requirements. You can complete our registration process in several ways, you can download a registration form here, then fill it in and return it to us. Alternatively if you would like to discuss your options and/or requirements or would prefer to give us your details directly you can either fill in our on line query form here or email and we will contact you, or simply call us on 01347 822208.

Upon receipt of your registration form we will search for potential candidates that meet your requirements from our database of available child care practitioners that have already completed our rigorous checks (for more information on our checks please see Our Vetting Policy page and our Police Checks page). We also write and place on-line advertisements regarding the post that you have on offer. Any enquiries from potential candidates come directly to our offices and once we have ascertained the potential child carers suitability, they are invited to meet us for an interview (all interviews are in person we do not hold Skype or telephone interviews). After they have attended an interview our vetting process is carried out before they are cleared to be put forward for the post on offer.

Usually suitable candidate’s details are sent to families via email. These details will include a profile (we write a profile for every nanny on our books as a way to introduce them to potential families). The profile will give a basic outline of the child carer’s previous experience in the childcare sector, the ages of children they have looked after in the past and their personality. Families also get a copy of the child carer’s CV, childcare related certificates and first aid certificate should they have one. Copies of any ‘open references’ from previous employers (an open reference is written by a previous employer and given directly to the nanny to use to secure a new position) will also be provided along with copies of the reference checks that we have carried out on the nanny, providing that the previous employers are happy for them to be viewed by a third party. The only thing you do not get a copy of is the nannies DBS police check, which is due to data protection laws.

We guarantee that every childcare practitioner on our books has an enchanced DBS check in place before their details are forwarded to a family. If you chose to invite a nanny to meet you for an interview the nannies are asked to ensure they bring their original enhanced DBS check with them. It is worth noting that more and more nannies now sign up to the DBS update service which allows potential employers to check the status of the child carer’s DBS on-line. This service ensures that their DBS is up to date at all times, should this be the case the agency and/or childcare practitioner will provide you with all the details you will need to personally verify their DBS on-line.

Once you have had time to view the child carer’s details it is entirely down to your discretion if you would like to invite them for an interview. The interview process is carried out in accordance with each family’s personal preferences. Most families chose to hold the interviews at their home; however some prefer to initially meet on neutral territory at a local cafe or amenity. Often families will interview the childcare practitioner on an evening when the children have gone to bed and if they feel that the child carer is a good potential match they then invite them back for a second interview to introduce them to their children. Naturally the  interview process varies from family to family and often depends upon the timescale limits of the family. If time is short families may interview once, if time is plentiful they may interview three times inviting the nanny to spend half a day or a full day with them (usually families will offer to pay a nanny on these occasions).

After each interview we contact both parties for feedback and to see if either party has any further questions. Should a family wish to offer their post to a nanny on our books, we contact the nanny to see if they are happy to accept the position. Once a position has been offered and accepted First Class Nannies and Helpers email both parties a letter outlining the post that has been offered and accepted and also forward the family a copy of a nanny contract.

At the end of the child care practitioner’s first working week with the family we contact both parties to ensure that both parties are happy and have no concerns. Providing all is well the invoice will then be issued and the payment will be due within 21 days. For further information regarding our agency fees please contact us on 01347 822208 or email

First Class Nannies and Helpers always offer a continuous aftercare service throughout the placement of any child care practitioner. Should any questions, concerns or issues arise during the placement you can contact the agency as many times as you need too.

If you require any further information, wish to discuss your requirements, or would like to register with us please call us on 01347 822208, email  or download a registration form here.