Live in Nanny

A live in nanny will normally work between 8 and 12 hours per day, five days a week. Some families also request one or two nights babysitting per month to be included within the salary.  A live-in nanny may also consider proxy parenting, working a 24-hour shift, a six day week, covering weekends or working unsociable shift patterns for a higher salary.

If babysitting is required this should be agreed prior to the role commencing. Any additional babysitting should be paid extra, and the babysitting rate should be agreed before employment commences.

A live-in nanny is expected to undertake all aspects of childcare including morning and bedtime routines, school/nursery runs, homework supervision, preparing and organising your child/rens social calendar which can include play dates, age appropriate classes and groups, swimming, and visits to the parks/museums etc as well as home based activities such as painting and baking. A live in nanny can also be asked to book and attend hospital, doctors, dentists, optician and hair appointments with your child/ren if required.  Their primary aim is to always nurture the emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of your child/ren.

A live in nanny is also responsible for undertaking the nursery duties which relate to the child/ren. These duties include washing, ironing and organising the child/ren’s clothes and belongings, cleaning their bedrooms and if applicable the child/ren’s bathroom along with any play areas as well as ensuring that their toys are put away at the end of the day. They will also prepare nutritious meals and snacks, some nannies may be happy to cook a larger meal and leave a portion for the parents, however this should always be discussed and agreed prior to the role commencing.

A live-in nanny is not expected to do any household chores which are not related to the child/ren. If you require additional, heavy or extensive household duties to be preformed alongside childcare duties you may wish to consider employing a live-in nanny housekeeper.


A live-in nanny should be provided with their own furnished bedroom. A television and good storage space is always appreciated and where possible their own bathroom is preferable. They should always be given privacy when “off-duty”. Some families are able to offer separate accommodation for live-in nannies as this often attracts more potential candidates. All house rules should be discussed before commencement of the post and be explicitly stated in the nanny’s contract.


A live-in nanny is usually provided with all their meals by the employer. The family and nanny should discuss the types of food they like to eat and if they have any special dietary requirements. The nanny is usually entitled to request certain items of food within reason from the employer. Again this is best discussed prior to employment and included within the contract.


If a live-in nanny travels with your family or offers 24 hour cover while parents are away, then a salary for these instances should be discussed and agreed prior to commencement of the role. All travels expenses, food and the nanny’s weekly wage will need to be covered, along with any additional salary for additional hours worked.

If you think a live-in nanny would be ideal for you, would like more information or wish to discuss your requirements please contact us on 01347 822208, email or download a registration form here.