24 Hour Maternity Nurse

24 Hour Maternity Nurse

24 hour maternity nurses will usually have extensive expertise caring for young babies and newborns. They live in and are on call 24 hours a day (with a 4 hour rest period) they also take care of all the night feeds if required. They will often work up to 6 days per week or undertake block bookings. A 24 hour maternity nurse will fully support you and can enormously enhance your confidence as parents.

Most 24 hour maternity nurses will have vast amounts of experience and specialist knowledge with babies. They are very happy to speak with families prior to the booking, they will listen to all your requirements and discuss your preferences regarding bottle, breast or combination feeding and sleeping routine’s. They subsequently tailor their service to suit each individual families lifestyle, thus ensuring they support you and your family in the best way possible. Some maternity nurses come from a midwifery or health visitor background, some also offer a doula service, these maternity nurses can therefore offer sound advice and support regarding the birthing process too. Many maternity nurses will also guide you through the plethora of baby equipment on the market, advising you on which products you will require or find useful, what you will need to kit out your babies nursery and just as importantly the products to avoid and which will be a waste of your financial resources.

A maternity nurse will deal with all aspects of care for your baby or babies should you have multiples! Duties include nappy changing, bottle feeding, assisting with breast feeding (if required) bathing and settling your baby or babies. Some parents prefer a maternity nurse to take full or partial care of their baby / babies so that they can fully recover, rest and / or attend to personal commitments. Whilst other parents simply prefer the vital hands on support, wishing to predominantly work alongside the maternity nurse. Other families may wish combine both options, sometimes leaving the maternity nurse to take care of the baby or babies and on other occasions working with the maternity nurse when their time and circumstances allows them to do so.

Under all working circumstances, if requested / required a daily maternity nurse will give practical help, advice and support in all areas, including establishing a sustainable, long term breastfeeding / bottle feeding routine, bathing and night time / sleep routine that fits into your families lifestyle. They are also able to offer invaluable advice and support in many other areas including help if you are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding, settling your baby, coping techniques for colic, reflux and tongue tie etc and offering advice on post natal depression. They will also prepare and sterilise bottles and deal with the baby’s laundry.

A maternity nurse is not usually responsible for any cleaning or duties unrelated to the baby / babies. They do not take responsibility for any older siblings, however sometimes maternity nurses may agree to small amounts of additional childcare. If this is a potential requirement it should be discussed and agreed prior to commencement of the post.

If you think a 24 hour maternity nurse is the ideal option for you, would like more information or wish to discuss your requirements please contact us on 01347 822208, email info@firstclassnannies.co.uk or download a registration form here.