Police Checks / Nanny DBS Checks

Families and nannies often speak about nanny DBS checks, police checks and/or CRB checks, this varying terminology can be confusing, however they do all refer to the same thing.

A DBS is a criminal records check (police check) which is provided by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Prior to the DBS this service was run by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).  The DBS provide a ‘Disclosure’ this is a document containing information held by the Police and Government departments regarding the requested individual.

There are three types of Disclosure:

A Basic Disclosure: This only contains information held on Central Police records that are unspent according to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

A Standard Disclosure: This contains information about both spent and unspent convictions, as well as cautions, warnings and reprimands. This disclosure also contains any details from lists held by the Department of Health and The Department for Skills and Education of those considered unsuitable for working with children.

An Enhanced Disclosure: This is the most comprehensive and appropriate check that is available. In addition to the information contained in a standard disclosure it also provides any information held on List 99, the Protection of Children Act list and if requested the Protection of Vulnerable Adults list. These are lists of adults deemed not suitable to work with children, but who may not have been prosecuted.

First Class Nannies and Helpers believe that the safety of your child/ren is paramount and should never be compromised. Consequently we always insist that all child care practitioners on our books hold an Enhanced Disclosure. We will never put forward any candidate for your position unless they have an enhanced DBS police check in place already. Any nannies on our books awaiting a new DBS remain in our pending files and will not be put forward for any posts until the process has been completed.

A UK disclosure can also be obtained for any child care practitioner from overseas, often child care practitioner’s will arrive with a police check from their own country of origin i.e Australia, however we always insist that a UK DBS is obtained. (The UK DBS will check all the countries in which the candidate has previously lived in addition to the UK).

In addition to an Enhanced DBS police check we also insist on personally interviewing all the candidates on our books, we never hold Skype or telephone interviews. Upon meeting the candidates who register with us we check their I.D. and carry out very thorough reference checks. The industry standard for nanny agencies is to check and verify two references, our company policy is to endeavour to contact all of the child carers previous employers where possible.

If you require any further information, wish to discuss your requirements or would like to register with us please contact us on 01347 822208, email info@firstclassnannies.co.uk or download a registration form here.